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About the Book & Author

After a deadly fight with depression and then cancer, I felt the need to be sure my food was cared for properly from the field to the table. I am homesteading for health, beyond organic.

Growing Back to the Land is a book sharing the journey of becoming self-sufficient, off the food grid, and discovering why rural life is often referred to as God's country.

This website shares photos from the book, chapter by chapter, and the real-life story of my journey back to nature.


Living off the Land

Growing Back to Nature

Homesteading is a year-round lifestyle. There really isn't any time off. Skipping a day worth of chores means doubling up the day before or the day after. The only way to take a vacation is to accept losses or to have the help that you trust as much as yourself.

 It isn't easy to provide for yourself and it is very expensive to provide a good life and adequate space for the animals. Evolving your husbandry practices to find what works for you and your animal's needs, takes time and effort. 

What works for us, may not work for you. Everyone has their own idea of what is best for their needs. Please respect our choices in husbandry and consider using any of the following information to form your own ideas of your ideal farming, homesteading or hunting plans.


Food Preservation

Preserving Your Future Health
Food is Nutrition
Nutrition is Medicine

All natural healthy food preservation is becoming a lost art. These days, commercial food is loaded with all kinds of extras that our bodies do not need to extend shelf life allowing for the largest selling window before spoilage. 

You do not even need a garden to eat healthier or to save money. Fresh organic produce and farmers market items can be purchased and then home processed to last for years when on sale or in fresh abundance.


All Natural Bee Keeping

100% Natural Honey 
Better than RAW

Honey. Liquid gold. In nature it is made from fermented pollen. Did you know that most commercial honey is just junk syrup?


Raising Free Range Poultry

Keeping it Natural as Possible
From Hatch to Freezer

Real free-range all-natural poultry has its challenges. It has taken over a decade to learn how to raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese together in a natural pasture setting. 

Our poultry is raised without any antibiotics, medicines, vaccinations, or chemicals. Our biggest accomplishment was developing birds that could live on Non-GMO whole bulk grain and pasture as a 100% feed source, doing away with expensive bag feed completely.



Our goal was to raise happy pastured pork. Supplemented with goat milk, eggs, and garden vegetables. We had no intention of selling our pork as there are many regulations about what you can feed commercial pork from state to state.

For us, the beauty in it was an end product that was raised naturally with a flavor that literally could not be bought. 



Goats are some of God's most amazing creatures. They are as personable and as loving as a dog. They can provide you with milk, cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, whey, and for some, meat.

There are many methods for raising your goats and kids. 



The definition of venison traditionally is large wild game meat. In languages, it covers boar, elk, antelope, bison and I would assume stag. I have seen it used for rabbits, raccoons, possums, and squirrels. In more modern times it is typically used for whitetail deer in America. 

I will stick with whitetail deer for the use of my writings, which is our red meat source. Instead of taking on the cost of cattle equipment, hay and fencing we choose to hunt for red meat for the time being.



Doing our part to protect the planet.


What do we Eat?

Growing your own food can start with something as simple as growing a few plants to make pizzas in the summer months. For us, the goal was to get off the food grid. After working in a food ingredient plant and learning that every item on the grocery store shelves is engineered to be made as cheaply as possible. The company's only goal is sales, and I knew the food wasn't designed for health. It is designed to keep you addicted to the product and to preserve it as long as possible on the shelf for sales.

Food labeled as healthy isn't healthy if it is processed. The only healthy foods are whole foods and meats, without pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. I knew if I wanted chemical-free food, I was going to have to grow it myself.


What's Next?

Evolving the Homestead

Since the book's completion, we have moved to a secluded log cabin on 178 acres that provides the kind of privacy I find therapeutic. Often the only noise in the cabin is the sound of songbirds throughout the day.

I am still homesteading, blogging, posting, and in the process of educating myself on Highland cattle for grass-fed grass-finished beef. 
Our new homestead does not currently have a barn or facilities to correctly care for them, but I can hardly await the new adventure!


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