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Raising Poultry on the Homestead

Our Idea of Self-Sufficient Poultry

Everyone has different goals on their farm of why they are raising chickens. Some do it for pets and decorations. Some people strictly raise chickens for eggs. Others are hardcore, growing nothing but meat in a short period of time. 

After my Lyme disease diagnosis, cancer, and spine disease, I wanted to raise the healthiest birds possible. My focus on the health and well-being of the birds.  Growing healthy DNA, fats, and calcium the poultry would provide for me on the table.

My goals have always been a natural environment for foraging, pasture rotation, evening lighting for bug harvesting, fresh organic produce from the garden all summer, and non-fluoridated and chlorine-free water in the non-freezing months.

I have been raising poultry for two decades, and I am still learning new and better ways as my homestead continues to expand, becomes more labor efficient, and grows closer to the land.

A border collie herding baby chicks to keep warm under the brooder light
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