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Chapter 6


The cure for depression is practicing self-love, self-importance, and positive thinking. I couldn't have a successful relationship until I developed a loving relationship with myself. 

Mental health therapists might consider not focusing on problems and start teaching happiness.

I had no idea how to be happy when I was depressed.

I learned that "to delight in life" was childish; this is not true.

Do something daily that you unabashedly love.

Practicing happiness lessens the room depression has to take hold.

God created all men equal. You are no less important than Adam or Eve. This is your Garden of Eden. All you have to do is start thinking positive to see it. Practicing being happy is the gym for the soul. Make joy. It doesn't just happen. It takes some work, and some days it is a full-on workout!

Love yourself as God loves you.

Someone needed to say this to me.

I am saying it to you.

It is okay to love yourself. It is okay to be happy. No one can take the love you have for yourself away from you.

Your life is all about you!

God put you here for YOU to experience YOU!!

Once you have learned to love yourself, then it is the time to share it with others.

Make this a great place!


Chapter 6: Clients
Chapter 6: Portfolio
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